Mary C


“I really wanted to pass on my thanks for your help in creating such an attractive wheelchair accessible bathroom for Dad. It has made all the difference in the world to his return home. I know that he was concerned that his new wheelchair would be difficult to manoeuvre in the bathroom, and he was naturally worried about any loss of independence if he needed help getting around.

Instead, he’s absolutely delighted (as is Mum) by the space and careful planning that has gone into the finished design. In fact, he’s commented that it is more accessible than the bathroom he had at the hospital.

The care and effort Sam and his crew took did not come as a surprise, as this is the third bathroom we have seen them undertake and each has been delivered professionally and exactly as promised. But the fact Sam was able to walk Mum through this process during what has been a fairly traumatic time, and provide her with answers whenever she had questions, means an enormous amount to us.

We will continue to recommend you to family, friends and colleagues and particularly commend you in being able to deliver a bathroom that is both beautiful to look at and perfectly suited for a wheelchair.

Thanks again”

Ruth C (on behalf of Mary C)