Ellen P


“Ive been rendered speechless just looking at the final results of my renovated kitchen, bathroom and laundry. This renovation has now given my home an incredible sense of space and luxury design.

A special “thank you” to Shelby (their designer) for her guidance and honest opinions throughout the designing stages. Because I’m a “falls risk” person she gave special attention to sourcing the best items needed for my safety. She has such vast knowledge. We worked well together with humour and a confident outcome.

The reno process was concluded with professionalism with workers who were all thorough, polite and clean. They paid special attention to closing off the other rooms against the dust. These workers were very particular in presenting the jobs allocated to them in a perfect manner that was acceptable to themselves and me.

If I won lotto I would put a massive banner across Reid Highway from pole to pole with the words printed on it “THANK YOU SAM & ALL AT BATHROOM RENOVATIONS PERTH.COM”

A friend walking into my home exclaimed that he felt like he was in a brand new house. My kitchen, bathroom and laundry are a showpiece that I am so proud of and I am overcome with goose bumps when I look at them.

I am so very happy that a friend recommended Sam and his company to me.”

Ellen P