Anne & Ungku I


“Our shower was an accident waiting to happen with the 20cm high hob plus the 5cm metal frame of the shower screen to step over and two sliding glass doors which easily came out of the runners! When we looked at renovating we weren’t concerned about the rest of the bathroom, only the shower.

The new shower, which seems so much bigger than before, solves all these problems. The nib wall is great for the bottles and we have an unobtrusive shower fixture with a grab rail plus a small grab rail on the wall which provides ideal support when balancing on one leg!

The old 1.5m vanity provided us with a low cupboard and an open area at one end. The new 1.5m vanity offers so much more! It is a little taller and wider than before and gives us 2 drawers which can accommodate towels, a bigger cupboard than before and a large drawer for our dirty clothes. We had not realised how inefficiently the space was used when the bathroom was originally built!

Add to this the replacement of switches and lights, the excellent tiling, the new mirror and other fittings and we are really delighted with our new bathroom!

If we had attempted to employ tradespeople and coordinate the renovation ourselves we would have missed so much!

Sam has co-ordinated the work of a very good team from start to finish. We appreciated Shelby’s attention to the design and once work started, Sam was in almost daily contact so we knew what would happen next and when. The workers were all very polite, worked quickly and paid attention to keeping things clean. We are extremely happy with the results. Thank you!”

Anne & Ungku I