Juliet & John M


“John, my family and I extend our thanks for the professional approach and good quality work you did to fulfill our ambition and desire to renovate our bathrooms, toilets and laundry.

Prior to contracting your services, we spent 6 months to almost a year prospecting for the right business that would do the renovations we wanted. At times we felt it could not be done having listened to many people as to what had to be done (yet we knew what we wanted but not sure), what could not be done, the costs, how long it would take and how it would unfold.

I read a lot of books and magazines and online links about bathroom renovations and got confused. It felt like I did not know what I/we wanted. When it came to what colour to choose I was overwhelmed and I felt I was venturing into a world of the unknown. I put on the appearance that I knew better and I was almost becoming a bathroom designer and renovator given the knowledge I had acquired through my research about renovation.

I decided to halt the research for knowledge about bathroom renovation because the more I did it the more I got confused!

One day I told my husband John, that we should re-start the research and as a result I came across your business name online and called your office plus 4 others businesses.

Your business response to my call was motivating and encouraging and plus you immediately arranged an appointment to meet us on a Saturday when your offices are closed!

You visited our house and provided us with instantaneous and clear advice as to what to do and how to do it and the costs.

We found on the average that your costs were reasonable and saved us lot of money which we diverted to other projects.

We had meetings with your staff to clearly confirm what had to be done, the products to choose from, the colours and I must say we received good reception and attention from the staff.

You listened to our instructions, you guided us and carried out the work accordingly.

The time between confirming the contract and the commencing of the work gave us the opportunity to consider whether we were making the right decision and I must say we did.

All your staff were very polite to us; they worked as a team and were committed and these qualities are reflected in the high standard and skills they exhibited in the delivery of the services.

We were also impressed about your (all the staff) willingness to go out of your way and do things for us to ensure our interests were fully satisfied.

Your commitment and passion to your work and working as a team made it possible for us to achieve the results we wanted, excellent renovation! The professionalism and the high standard quality of your work is reflected in the pictures taken before the renovation, during the course of the renovation and the final renovation.

Our family is very grateful for the time, effort and commitment you put in to provide us with value service work. it was worth the cost.

Your business has the qualities a client would expect: Listening to the client’s needs, skills and experience and providing good advice and good quality work.

Above all, every day we enjoy using our new bathrooms. It is a good feeling!

We wish you a Great 2017.

Kind Regards,”

Juliet & John M