“When my long-term tenants moved out unexpectedly, Sam at Effective Property Maintenance was recommended to me to take on a long overdue major internal refurbishment including a new kitchen, bathroom, laundry, toilet, new wardrobes and a lot of other general finishing work. The house also had outdated electrical components and an old asbestos roof that needed to be replaced. A lot of work needed to be done quickly to get new tenants in as soon as possible but as I live overseas, it was difficult to manage myself. I needed someone to give me a comprehensive quotation for all the improvements, with details of the materials, brands and specifications for tiles and components, roofing, etc.

While I could have shopped around for specialists for each part of the work, Sam was able to give me a competitive quote for taking on the complete scope, managing all the relevant contractors including licensed asbestos-removal for the roof, plumbing, wiring, cabinets, windows and the full work scope.

All work was completed quickly and Sam kept me well informed of progress by e-mail, with progress photos and plenty of opportunity to make final selections for colours, finishes, etc. All the work was first class and the end result is a fantastic improvement to the house, tenants were quickly found, translating immediately into a significant improvement in rental yield.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sam for any refurbishment work (and he can definitely do a lot more than just bathrooms!)”