Darrin Harvey


“I was totally green when it came to bathroom renovations, so after doing a little research on line, I contacted three businesses (including ones you hear advertise all the time) After having two come through, I was getting a little depressed as none of them seemed to be interested in doing the project I wanted within my budget.

I called in Sam, and not only was he prepared to listen, he came in way under the big boys, and after viewing some of his work on line and the reading the testimonials/ I decided to give him a go-Best thing I ever did.

My house is 40yrs old and still had the original bathroom, so it was not an easy task to change it in to a modern functional area, but rather that finding ways of adding to the cost, Sam would find solutions, never compromising on quality. He always kept in contact and the job was done on time, and UNDER budget.

So if you’re looking to have something done to your home, do not hesitate to contact Sam, you will not be disappointed.”

Darrin Harvey

Sturtridge Road, Lockridge